Keliki Experiences


For an incredible experience, treat yourself to a whirlpool bath beside the KELIKI River, not far from the sacred spring.


In KELIKI, women go by carrying on their heads the water jars from the sacred spring. You can see them walking along the path bordering the KELIKI LUXURY LODGE.

There is a garden where organic fruits and vegetables grow at KELIKI’s leisurely pace. Let yourself be tempted by an extraordinary, aromatic cooking class.

At KELIKI, experience Balinese authenticity. Take a painting class at the Painters Village or a private tour far off the beaten path.

We work directly with guides and drivers who alone know secret places where you can discover the heart and soul of the island. For seven-night stays, we provide a private and magical excursion.

Upon request, you can also immerse yourself in the local traditions and ceremonies, meet a balian, or a Balinese healer.

Solidarity Economy, Sustainable and Sharing

At KELIKI, we develop local employment and promote Balinese work projects. This is done in a spirit of solidarity and respect for tradition. Namely:

  • Balinese architecture and the use of local material;
  • Promotion of local crafts for the furnishings and decoration of the lodges and villas;
  • Maintenance of the KELIKI River;
  • Upkeep of the rice fields;
  • English lessons are given to villagers.